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The subject of Pharmacology forms the basis of understanding, pathophysiology, etiology and its treatment. This lab is set for the conduction of practicals related to physiology of the human body. It provides a platform for students to develop their practical knowledge and skills on laboratory animals and various lab equipments. It makes aware the students for animal handling, guidelines and its medication/ treatment.

Lab is equipped with latest instruments and facilities, which makes it convenient for the student to clear the concepts and explore the diversity of the subject.

 The laboratory is well equipped and has the following equipment:

List of Instruments

  1. Rota Rod Apparatus                       
  2. Student Organ Bath
  3. Eddy’s Hot Plate
  4. Actophotometer
  5. Pole climbing Apparatus
  6. Electroconvulsometer
  7. Digital pH meter
  8. Centrifuge
  9. Plethysmograph
  10. Sherrington Drum
  11. Stimulator



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